Virtual Corporate Global Conference


Master Control in Squamish, Studio Hub in Vancouver, 41 remote global locations


Mobile Broadcast Truck, Remote Cameras, Audio, Computer Networking, LED Camera Lighting, Graphic Design, Visual Content Management, Video Editing, Metrix Reporting

Client Sector

Mining and Exploration

Event Partners

PDS and 10Eighty Production Technologies


250 remote guests, 56 Speakers, 6 countries, 2 languages


The client wanted high-level participation for their first virtual global conference. Our partner producer wanted a real television feel to the production, including opportunities for deep engagement among the team, hosts, subject matter experts and stakeholders.


  • Connect multi-lingual hosts and speakers across 6 countries in multiple time zones
  • Get all hosts and speakers working proficiently in the same technical platform
  • Enable 2-way communication between guests and speakers while maintaining high-quality broadcast signals
  • Pre-production planning that would take 3 months was built in just 7 weeks included  content development, technical preparation and speaker rehearsals.


  • Establishing master control in Squamish using our mobile production truck and our production facility meant television quality experiences for all participants, regardless of their location
  • Coordinating technical rehearsals and 14 incoming laptops to broadcast speakers in the highest professional manner
  • Engaging our professional broadcast production specialists normally found in main-stream sports and network television formed a diverse team that was flexible and open to new ideas
  • Collaborating with the event producer to create dynamic environments including short attention-grabbing segments, fun meeting break entertainment and fully updated daily schedules


We delivered 9 hours of flawless, television quality broadcast over 2 days! We met tight scheduling, hit our in-out times, held to script, and kept the conference story flowing. Participants commented on their smooth experience because there were no technical failures – we never lost feed and never needed to restart. The client is planning more virtual experiences because of the high-level audience engagement.

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